About Joey Castillo

Joey Castillo is a New York-based mobile application developer with extensive experience developing and shipping apps both for consumers and for the enterprise. Other interests include community building, multimedia journalism and a bit of hardware hacking here and there.

A portrait of Joey against a stark black background


Joey began developing apps for the iPhone in 2009. Formerly a Senior Software Engineer at Accenture and a Mobile Application Developer at American Express Publishing, he’s currently pursuing independent projects in Brooklyn, NY.

Previous independent projects include Dictapad, the best-in-class transcription aid for the iPad, as well as Bushwick Open Studios, an annual event program for the three-day arts festival in Brooklyn, New York.

In the Community

In 2012 Joey co-founded the reddit community /r/ainbow as an open discussion space for LGBT issues among gender and sexual minorities. Under the guidance of the founding team, /r/ainbow grew to a subscribed base of over 20,000 members in a year’s time — 90% of whom, according to a survey, identified as a gender or sexual minority. 

In 2011, he assisted Donna DeCesare with her Audience Engagement Grant in El Salvador, teaching photography and photo editing skills and providing technical guidance for the MemoriArte project that exhibited the students’ stories.

Older Work

In the summer of 2009 Joey participated in the News21 initiative at the University of Maryland, where he developed a custom Flash interface for presenting video stories. He was also the sole ActionScript developer behind photojournalist Donna DeCesare’s powerful website Destiny’s Children: A Legacy of Gangs and War.


Joey Castillo is based out of Brooklyn, NY, where he is engaged in mobile and web development, and hacking away furiously at side projects in spare time. 

Get in touch by email: joey at joeycastillo dot com.