The Outcomes Project

My MA report from 2011, The Outcomes Project, proposed a web-based, multi-platform website responding to the need for family support strategies for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people. Using multimedia journalism, The Outcomes Project aimed to educate families as they navigated the process of a child’s coming out. The 12,000 word report was paired with black and white medium format photographs, and an interactive installation of video stories.

The photographs below were exhibited at Seeking Space 2012 in Brooklyn, NY, appearing next to QR codes linking to online videos that told nuanced stories of how coming out affected both child and family. By presenting video interviews alongside written text and well-sourced research about LGBT children and their families, this project aimed to offer families resources to support their children and to build healthy family bonds.

Achieving positive, healthy relationships of acceptance requires time and work on the part of both children and parents. By humanizing “coming out” experiences, The Outcomes Project aimed to give parents deeper insight into what their child may be feeling, in a moment when many families experience confusion, feelings of isolation and fear.

A photograph of Terry, age 37

Terry, age 37, from Karo MI

A photograph of Quinn, age 19

Quinn, age 19, from Houston, TX

A photograph of Morgan, age 24

Morgan, age 24, from Missoula MT

A photograph of Andy, age 23

Andy, age 23, from Mamaroneck NY

A photograph of Jason, age 21

Jason, age 21, from Kerrville TX

A photograph of Jon, age 21

Jon, age 21, from Phoenix AZ

A photograph of Maggie, age 18

Maggie, age 18, from San Antonio TX

A photograph of Fernando, age 24

Fernando, age 24, from Houston TX