Joey Castillo is a software and hardware engineer based out of San Antonio, Texas. While he doesn’t identify with the term “Full Stack Developer”, he has engineered products from circuit board to product launch, with everything from firmware and UX to manufacturing and marketing in between.


Joey began developing apps for the iPhone in 2009. Formerly a Senior Software Engineer at Accenture and a Mobile Application Developer at American Express Publishing, he has extensive experience developing software both for consumers and for the enterprise, including work for clients in the publishing, film and investment banking industries.


In 2019 Joey began branching out into hardware and electrical engineering. He created Oddly Specific Objects: a division dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling comprehensible open source gadgets for hobbyists and creative technologists.


Joey recently relocated from Brooklyn, New York to his hometown of San Antonio, Texas, where he is focused on building Oddly Specific Objects.

Get in touch by email: joey at joeycastillo dot com.