Bushwick Open Studios

The Bushwick Open Studios app icon from 2012-2015.

The Bushwick Open Studios app was an annual event program for the three-day summer arts festival held in Brooklyn. It was comprised of both a Flask backend for serving schedule data, and a native iPhone client for viewing the schedules and events. The festival garnered over 10,000 visitors every summer, and the app averaged 3,000 downloads each year in the weekend it was available.

I volunteered as the lead mobile developer for Arts in Bushwick, the all-volunteer organization behind Bushwick Open Studios, from 2012 to 2015.

Described by arts blog Hyperallergic as “one of the biggest annual art events in New York”, Bushwick Open Studios encompassed more than 500 events at more than 200 sites throughout the Bushwick neighborhood. The BOS app incorporated an interactive neighborhood map to help the thousands of festivalgoers navigate the event. The app also included robust search functionality, and features that allowed users to build their own schedule of events and spaces they wished to visit.

Screenshots from the Bushwick Open Studios 2015 app.

The Bushwick Open Studios app is open source software; feel free to fork it for your own art festival, music showcase, conference or really anything involving people in places at times.