Oddly Specific Objects focuses on designing, manufacturing & selling comprehensible open source objects aimed at the needs of hobbyists and creative technologists.

Its first product, Sensor Watch, is a board swap for the classic Casio F-91W wristwatch that puts a ton of extra features on your wrist.

The LCD FeatherWing, launched shortly thereafter, is a low power liquid crystal display module compatible with Adafruit’s Feather ecosystem.

Oddly Specific Objects is a division within Panchromatic LLC, my long-standing software and consulting business. Made official in 2022, it is a new line of business for me, but I hope to grow it more in the coming year. Watch this space.

LCD FeatherWing

The LCD FeatherWing is a low power display module compatible with Adafruit’s Feather line of development boards. After three years of learning product design and electrical engineering, I believe this little gadget represents my most mature design to date. It’s a simple, streamlined design with a custom LCD, optimized for low BOM cost and easy manufacturability. By plugging in to the Feather ecosystem, I also felt confident that it would find market fit relatively quickly.

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Sensor Watch

Sensor Watch is a bridge between eras. It takes an iconic 30-year-old design from a golden age of digital watches, and pairs it with a modern, powerful microcontroller and state-of-the-art sensing capabilities. This small circuit board, less than an inch in diameter, replaces the original quartz movement in a Casio F-91W or A158W watch to put the capabilities of an ultra-low-power ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller on your wrist.

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The SIGILANCE project predates Oddly Specific Objects by nearly a decade, but it was my first foray into making physical objects. As a product it was a monumental flop, but I learned a great deal from the failure. For posterity’s sake, the original writeup is preserved below with minor edits.

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